Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who Likes to Shop?

Okay, I admit it. My name is Vicki, and I'm a shopaholic. Shopping is FUN! It's a form of entertainment. The hunt for the perfect "thing" at a great price and finally finding it is such a thrill! So naturally, Black Friday is paradise for me! I take off work and hit the stores for an all day extravaganza. Hellmart is always first on the list, then the truck is full, so I go to the office and unload, then run to J.C. Penney's and Belk. Those are my Big Three. Then it's another unload at the office and then a more leisurely cruise through the other stores at the mall. Last year was the first time I took photos of the end result, Dad said I looked like the Beverly Hillbillies, my poor truck was crammed to the gills, and this was only one load! I scrapped this page to document some of my booty! I wish I could give credit for the Santa paper, but I can't even find it now. It was just perfect for this LO. If I remember correctly, it was scanned from gift wrap. If anyone knows who created it, please let me know, I would love to give credit where it is due. If ya'll say it's Cinzia Loosemore, then thanks go to Cinzia! However, I have been to the web site because I wanted to buy the paper, since I can't find it on my cram packed HD, and it's not in the Holiday Magic set. Any ideas where I could find it?

Hugs, Vicki aka "Ace Super Shopper"


Sasa said...

LOL - Love it!!!!

Have fun this Friday. Our office closes, so I have the day off but MY plans include sleeping in!!! I know my kitty will enjoy that. He gets very irritated with me when I crawl out of bed in the morning; he does his absolute best to "purr" me back to sleep . . . unfortunately, sometimes it works!

eilajean said...

LOL!!! Woman, you are nuts! I LOVE IT!!! Gosh, in order to do the sales any justice, I woul have to leave here at 3:00 AM, and that just isn't going to happen. Next year I want to goto KansasCity, then I could see it. Living in the middle of nowhere, I find large crowds make me a little uncomfortable... but I will be thinking about you!

The best shopping anywhere near here is in Missoula - home of the Montana State Grizzlies - (100 miles from here) - oh, wait, aren't they in the playoffs with the Texas State Bobcats on Saturday? They smoked some MSU Bobcats last Saturday... I wonder if they can take out some more a week later... LOL! When I saw that on the frontpage, I thought of you Vicki.

Love the santa paper - you made quite a haul!

HAve a great day!

Vicki said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS!! What a haul! I have to say, I bow down to the queen of shopping!! LOL!

Nani said...

WOW!! What a haul, Vicki!!! LOL

See, I always say the world must stay in balance for it to run smoothly. For every me (mallophobic) there must be a you (shopaholic)!! hehe Thanks for picking up my slack!

The layout is great and I remember the kit because I did a layout of Kaline's first Christmas with the tree paper. (she climbed the tree a LOT), so it was easy to find in my files. It’s “Holiday Magic” by Cinzia Loosemore

Susie2shoes said...

I'm aghast! Is 'Black Friday', the day they give thing away or something? If so I think England should do it! I have to give you credit for stamina girl, that amount of shopping would kill me. What did you get, as all I can see are boxes?

I've used your fab 'True Blue' QP over on my blog. Thank you again, it was perfect for the photo's I snapped when I was up in London yesterday. I would have liked to have scrapped my own but VickiP, bless her heart, is holding back on the elements. I keep popping in and out of her blog, and have, I must confess now resorted to just hitting the refresh button. How sad and needy am I?

Bigs hugs

Ben Dickinson said...

Holy truck load!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the kind birthday wishes.