Monday, November 10, 2008

4shared Changes Again

Evidently 4shared has decided that you have to be a member to leave a comment. It doesn't take but a moment to sign up, and it is free. The good news about this is that it will stop all the anonymous BS. The bad news is nobody is signing up. I think that if they are going to do this, you should be required to be a member to download. For the moment, I am trying a new service. It seems to be very quick, but I cannot make the link open in a new window. You can always left click it. It will not let me password protect the folders, so this is not a permanent solution. Let me know if you have any problems.


Sasa said...

Thanks Vicki!

Both for letting me vent (I now have signed up and went back and left you your "thank you") and checking into another service. I know I was whining before, but it's just another thing I have to log in to . . . . waa waaa waaaa - I know - buck up and just do it!!!!

Love you and GB!

joe said...

This is very interesting indeed... I wonder how secure this will be.. 4shared doesn't currently offer any encryption does it?

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Mornin' Ms. Vicki!!!

I thought it about time I get myself over here and properly introduce myself! My name is Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever (that right there tells you a WHOLE lot about me *chuckle*) aka Bon Scrapatit Designs! Okay, okay, you already knew all of that but we've not officially met!

I am TOTALLY in love with your blog header and after reading your intro, it is MOST certainly a perfect visual for you as an avid scuba diver! I've always wanted an aquarium, now I can pretend and come view your header when in need!!!

I have two brothers living in Texas, one in San Antonio and one in San Angelo. Both are California transplants, however, the older of the two and the one living in San Angelo, has lived there half of his life, going on 30 years I believe.

I spent the majority of my senior year of high school in Grand Prairie (GO Gophers!) but was fortunate enough to come back to California and graduate with the class I'd grown up with.

Anyhoo, I'll not write a novel, but just wanted to say THANK YOU for visiting my blog and leaving such LOVELY comments. I LOVE your layouts and Ms. Vicki is VERY fortunate to have such a FABULOUSLY talented CT! She and I have become good friends and I just love her to pieces. Wish I had half her energy, but then (shhhhhhh), I'm old enough to be her mum!!! He, he ...

Nice to have met you and I will be back later to try to FOLLOW YOUR BLOG again. I've tried twice and I'm getting an error, which I am SURE is a glitch on Blogger's end!

Oh, yeah, I noticed that deal with 4-shared yesterday while doing my blog hopping. What I did not understand is that I was signed in and I still was not presented with a comment box to leave a "thank you" in. Strange, eh?

Have a GORGEOUS day darlin'!

Linda :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

WOO HOO!!! Third time is, indeed, THE CHARM! I am now following you! LOL!

Linda :)

eilajean said...

I am confused, but that is nothing new. You are now using MSN? How secure is that? ALthough I have often wondered how secure 4shared is. I never ever download directly from a scrapper. I have only used 4shared, and have ended up with a Trojan horse or two. I wasn't having any of those problems until I started downloading digi scrap stuff. I have noticed other scrappers who have had major puter problems too, so it kind of makes me wonder. I may start just going to the sites, popping in to say hello - gt inspired, and try to work with what I already have. But I love coming to your site, so I won't be a stranger... LOL

As far as CS3 goes... I really liked the free trial I used last year. You should fin yourself a college student to grab it for you at their school bookstore... LOL... but seriously, it is only 169.00 at MSU for students. I bet Texas has a major college or two?

Have a great day Vicki!


eilajean said...

my boy just called, the bookstore has CS4 - and it is in his hot little hands as we speak. I know his college education would be good for something! No I have to wait until Thanksgivingfor him to bring it to me. LOL... good thing I am a patient girlie! ROTFL

roxined said...

I already had an account at 4shared but I have tried several times to sign in and leave a comment on 4shared and I don't where or how I am supposed to leave the comment.
Guess I will keep trying.
I downloaded the last item you had and didn't get to THANK THANK YOU!!!!