Monday, August 11, 2008

A Little Update for Ya!

We made a lot of progress this weekend! The house is about 50% packed up, we ran out of boxes late on Saturday and the liquor store didn't have anymore. People of are falling down on the job and not doing your part to supply those of us in need of boxes!!! Get to drinkin', will 'ya?
While cleaning out the attic, we discovered the original 8mm projector and screen. What a find! I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would have to just have everything put on DVD and try to edit it after the fact. (And we all know I suck at that!) Now at least we can preview all of the old movies and take out the REALLY terrible stuff!
Of course, with everything that I had to do this weekend, I didn't really get much scrapping done, but I did piddle around with some stuff late last night. Since the shiny epoxy brackets seem to be a hit, and there has been a request for them in different colors, that is my current project. Tune in tomorrow, same Bat channel! (Boy, am I showing my age with that! ROTFLPIMP!!!)


Vicki said...

Vicki - if ya want the boxes, send some full ones over and I'll fix it for you!! ;o)

Sasa said...

Vicki - I'm surprised y'all didn't just "empty a few" to get those boxes!

Lori said...

oooo cool! A projector! hehe Good luck with the packing and good luck getting the people of your town to drink! lol