Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just Because!

Allrighty! Here are some LO's that I have come up with using Kim's new kit "Just Because". I just LOVE this kit! As I said before, the chicken wire is just SOOO Texas! LOL!!

I do believe this is gonna be another of those "go to" kits. Grab it now! Ya'll do remember that I am allowed to do one QP from each of Kim's kits, don't ya? Vote on your fave! I betcha' I already know which one it is!


Sue said...

The top layout is the cutest, but I also like how you wove the ribbon in and out of the chicken wire on the middle layout. However, the bottom layout fits best for boys, and that's what I have, so ... I'll let you pick. :)

Cauleen said...

Wonderful pics, as usual! Are those kids photogenic or what?!!! Wish mine would cooperate as easily. I have tons of pics of the back of my daughter's head. LOL Nice job on the layouts too. You really inspire me!

Lori said...

I love the first one but I also love the whole idea of the chicken wire element!
Great kit! Great LO's! Beautiful grandbabies!

catlady aka catslave said...

I like the first one best.

Rena said...

Ok, the just because post was SO Great, all of those layouts are SUPER, LOVE the chicken wire,,,,a true Texas staple!..(seen often in California too, no one wants that secret to get out) LOL

Thanks for sharing those, good inspiration to go back too, once I get to scrapping again! =)