Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ice Cream 2

Well, well, well...told 'ya I might have a surprise post! For those that are interested, I did post the drippy Wyatt LO. Check the previous post to see my inspiration. He is SOOO funny!
Okey dokey, everything is set here (door locked, koozie filled, fan on, smoke lit, etc.) and I'm ready to ramble.
This LO features Ms. Lil chowing down on her Daddy's fudge bomb. Talk about double dipping, honey, this girl has it down pat! When I pulled up this pic to scrap it, I almost cried, she is just so tiny here, not the big girl she is now, but let me tell you, she can still snag the ice cream with the best of 'em! (That's my girl, go for the chocolate!) Password will be: share Now, I realize that you may not have a drippy ice cream pic, (if you do, fantastic! just plop it in) but if not, you can scraplift the LO! Everything here is included in the August Color Challenge kit. Use the plain frame and simple emboss the swirly border and you will have the same look, minus the drips! Easy peasy! Almost, but not quite as easy as a QP, but still helping you to get your scrapping done in record time!

If anyone is interested, Vicki has decided to put together a CT. If you would like a chance to be a part of this amazing designer's team, just download the Blue Jeans kit and submit a LO along with links to your gallery(s) per her instructions. This girl is definitely going places and I am proud to be the first member of her team! I have my LO and QP done for the Blue Jeans kit, I have posted the LO to her slide show if ya'll want a sneak peek, but I am saving the QP for Monday. Believe it or not, this is really hard for me, when I get a page done, I can hardly wait to put it up here and see what ya'll think.

Last, but certainly not least, I have to give ya'll an update regarding the thank you/manners post. This post was by no means directed at my regular readers. Ya'll always have something to say, and I cherish every comment. I am blessed to have such a wonderful group of women come here everyday and share their lives with me. As I've said before, it just gives me a real case of the red-ass when I go to download from other designers and the ratio of comments to downloads is squat! So, to make a long story short, I decided to get up on my soap box once again and attempt to give a wake up call to the grab & runs. If you do not have the common courtesy to say "thanks" and acknowledge the gift that you have received, one day soon the quality freebies will dry up and you will be forced to either make it yourself, buy it or make do with crap.
Allrighty, I am officially climbing down from the soap box now, I appreciate you all and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Gift for today: LINK EXPIRED What did your Mama teach you?
txbubbles (trying to improve the digi-scrapping world one thank you at a time)


Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

That LO is just precious! The girl knows what's good! Thanks a bunch for the QP!

Denise said...

Thank you. Hope you have a great weekend!

Cauleen said...

You weren't kidding! Lilly looks so tiny here! And what a cute picture. (Nice work on the layout too.) Happy Weekend!

Sue said...

Lilly is so cute in this picture! Thanks for the quick page. :D

Nani said...

Th quick page is sweet, but oh my goodness, that photo is priceless! I think daddy-daughter pics are precious anyway, but add the sharing an ice cream an it's a total classic!!

Elaine said...

Thank you so much for QP 2, I got it with no problem this evening. Lord knows what I did this morning!! Guess not enough coffee, LOL

Rena said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh no here we go again

*walking to the fridge to grab another fudgsicle*......

Well, I have to have a photo for these incredible layouts dont I??

THANKS AGAIN, these are so awesome!
that photo of her is pricelss she is REALLY into that ice cream, you can almost see how cold it is to her......LOL

Lori said...

Lookie how tiny she is?! And ROFL'ing at the two of them sharing that choco pop! It's so cute.

Thanks for yet another QP! HUGS

The Warren Family said...

that is the cutest picture ever! love the LO too!