Friday, July 25, 2008

Just a Quickie! Well...maybe a longie!

Hey girlfriends! It's Friday, the door is locked, there is a Miller Lite in the koozie, the industrial sized fart fan is on and there is a smoke in the ash tray (I figure once the door is locked, my office is no longer a public place!) and I can finally take a minute to write a few words. I wanted to touch base with ya'll, and let you know I haven't forgotten you, the poo has just hit the fan around here and there is not enough time in the day for me to accomplish everything I need to do. I hadn't caught up from my vacation, then it was the end of the second quarter, then I took a week off to be with my Dad, then when I came back the secretary took vacation! Needless to say, I am drowning in a sea of paper. But enough of my whining! I am bound and determined to finish up the July Color kit tonight. I will try and get it packed up and posted for ya'll tomorrow. I really appreciate the favorable response to the photo tip (although Rena's family is probably ready to lynch me, read her comment under the post for an explanation) ROTFLPIMP!!!! Jessica has another one today for dealing with over exposed pics, I don't have time to do the easy peasy version for you right now, but if you would like to check out her article, here it is While you are there, sign up for the newsletter, besides photo tips you will get free fonts and a whole lot more! She is a genius with Photoshop!
For those that liked my LaBodega page, this kit is now on clearance @ 70% off. Yes, that's right, you can get the whole thing for $2.55!!!! See it here Grab it while you can, at the end of the month it's gone and you will be kicking yourself saying "I should have listened to Bubbles!" While you are there scoping out the clearance items, you might want to pick up the "Gingerbread Lane" kit. This is my absolute fave for Christmas and Thanksgiving pics! And no...I don't get anything for pimping these kits, I'm just doin' it as sort of a public service thing! I'm serious, any digi scrapper needs to have these two on their hard drive! I have made multiple albums using these two fabulous kits.
One more little tip for ya, Atomic Cupcake has a special going on, until July 31, 2008, for $30.00 you can download EVERYTHING! If you have been yearning for some torn paper actions, not to mention all the others she has available, now is the time! I downloaded the whole store, so we should start having some more variety around Babbles! (If I can just find the time to create!)
Well...I think I'm gonna wrap this one up, see ya'll tomorrow!
Big 'ole Texas hug comin' at ya!
Vicki aka "Fag Ash Lil"


Denise said...

I wanted to thank you for turning me on to Jessica Sprague; I love her stuff...learning a lot thanks to you.

I will be having my treats tomorrow night; I am home alone for the weekend and I can't wait to drink that ice cold beer with a philly cheesesteak, yummy. lol

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Sue said...

Thanks for all the tips on the sales. I checked them out and they all look great!

Vicki said...

Hi Vicki - just passing by to say hi! Hopefully you'll have some scrapping time soon - it is good for the soul you know!! Big hugs x

Pat said...

Hi Bubbles, selfishly I hope your world slows down some soon! I love to visit your site, not only for the "goodies", but because you brighten my day! I love your frankness. . . actually you crack me up! Thanks for sharing your talents with us! See ya!

Lori said...

Fag Ash Lil!!!!!! ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOO Too funny!
Hey hun...I hope you get some relief at work soon. It's just been one hell of a couple of monthes for you as far as being busy and having 'life' happen to ya. HUGSSS
I'm going to check out the two links you put up. Can't wait to see what you do with the AC stuff! I used to have a subscription but stopped when I had like, 20 discs full of scrapping stuff! lmao THat's when I stopped paying for stuff trying to save some money. But you know what? I'm totally addicted to downloading...*sigh* Is there a support group for that???

Elaine said...

Love your blog!! Thanks for all the tips!! Yes, once your door is locked, its not a public place, go for it!!ENJOY!

Susie2shoes said...

You sound so busy, how on earth do you do it? I must be incredibly lazy .... no, I am definitely the laziest person I know! Hope your weekend improves and you get some time to relax. I'm going to have another go at Adobe Photoshop tomorrow, I can't be that stupid that I can't get my head around it can I? YES I can :(

Big Hugs from SUNNY England