Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This Is MY Blog!

To the "anonymous" person who is offended by the word "turd", this is MY blog and I can pretty much do or say what I want. If you don't like it, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. I do have the class and courtesy to put my name on everything that I write. And no, I do not live in a trailer park. There will be no more anonymous comments allowed on this blog. TURD! TURD! TURD! Oh my! I said ass, too! Call the blog police!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't believe that someone would have the nerve to criticize your personal blog/space and then not at least leave their name.

My take on this... if you don't like what is written, don't read it!

I enjoy your blog, and I appreciate all your free goodies that you are so generous to share.

Don't let the turkeys get you down... keep soaring with the eagles!

Have a great week.

chicapooh said...

Good for you! Thank you for standing up for yourself! You are a great person, and very generous with your freebies! Thank you for all you do!

puddlegirl said...

Way to go girl!! I downloaded the may paper freebies you have posted and love them. As for people who are offended by the language on YOUR blog - I agree they can find somewhere else to go. Besides, my mom taught me the following: opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one and they usually stink. So I usually just tell people to take their stinky selves elsewhere. Thanks for being so down to earth and just you!!

Suzi said...

You go girl!!! They don't have to come here if they don't like it! Thank you for all the nice things you give us :)

Nani said...

I can't believe anybody, ESPECIALLY a coward who won't identify herself/himself, would have the nerve to criticize YOUR language! Your blog is still cleaner than Disney has been since Walt died!

You know, Toby Keith said in an interview that he wouldn't write any songs he'd be embarrassed for his kids to read, but he IS a realist and writes some great stuff. And his kids are better for THAT example than a fake representation of life! I kinda like to think of you as the Toby Keith of the blog wold, very real and okay for the kids to read! (Oh please tell me you at least like some of his stuff after that comment!)

Anyway, someone would have to be a real turd to be offended by your language!

Sasa_to_6 said...

OK - I think I have my goggle sign-in all fixed now so I can actually leave a comment here - sometimes I am SUCH a blonde . . . .

TEE HEE - I have an idea . . .

Why don't you have your password be TURD for, oh, let's say a solid week. That way, ANONYMOUS would have to deal with that word in order to grab n go!

I know - I'm a BAAAAAAAD girl.

LY and GB!

Rena said...

Sasa_to_6 has the right idea, I second that motion....lmao!

do I smell something in the air
*trouble brewing for sure*

TOO funny! =)~

aquascrap said... tell em. Sheesh nothing wrong with the word turd or poop for that matter....we all do it...LOL. BTW thanks for the cute, frilly, girlie it!

Anonymous said...

We're not supposed to say turd?? I call my two older grandsons turds when they do something goofy. I never knew I wasn't supposed to used that word...Glad someone pointed out to me...NOT!!! I do not live in a trailer park either and I have my mother living with me so I can care for her and she never criticized me when I've called them that. So good for you for standing up for all of us.
And anyone that leaves a nasty comment anonymously shouldn't be leaving one anyway. That shows more lack of manners than using the word turd!

Rena said...

Hi ya'll

I say ya'll because hell that goes right along with this here "turd" discussion we be havin' ourselves.
Now I have been pondering this topic, and seems to me this is as bad as a yellow jacket in the outhouse!
I think we still have some branding do to, so let's sit a spell and chew the fat.

Let's get this fly out of the buttermilk.

Let's head her off at the pass before she is up to her neck in manure *ya know -turds*

If this gal was bacon, she wouldnt sizzle when cooked.

Could it be, she uppity as a mountain goat?

I wonder if she has enough sense to spit downwind?

I think maybe she kicks and jumps before spurred.

She might just be too big for her britches.

I'd like to tell her only a fool would pick a fight with a skunk or a porcupine.

She has obviously locked horns with the wrong person.

Vicki's fans will be all over her like green on grass, like white on rice, like stink on manure* (there is that word again) and like fur on a cat.

I think posting without her name, makes her yellow as mustard, but without the bite.

She might wanna grab her wear white underwear, because its time to raise the white flag.

Vicki's blog is as easy to use as a rocker chair, and I take my hat off to her, she is a legend in my mind for sure, better than most horses in the corral. She has earned her spurs and a place at the fire.

Now, I think I hit the nail on the head, we all know that Vicki is as tough as IRON underwear and I for one am mighty fond of her, BUT REMEMBER if you pull the reins too tight, that horse WILL BUCK.....

And remember no matter which way the wind blows, the weather vane will always be right.

Ya'll have a nice day......ya hear

Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

First off, thanks SO much for the Early Summer & Cancun QPs that you have so freely shared!

Now...., as a fellow Texan, and one who also shares your first name, I have to say anyone who has never experienced a real turd floater of rain, really has no business surfing the web. They've already lead a much too sheltered life. There's way more in this world to concern yourself over than whether or not someone says the word TURD! You go girl, for telling it like it is! And for the people who are offended by ANYTHING you write on YOUR blog, just utililize the BIG RED X at the right hand corner of your window. Just like you can change the dial on your TV if you hear or see something that offends you. It's really very simple.

It's like I told Kristine (Wenchd Grafix)...when the same thing happened to her for something she had written on her blog. Here's a little saying I learned way back in High School (over 35 years ago). This is what you you say to those a$$holes...

"Miss on you pista, you ain't so muckin fuch, go in your own jackyard and backoff!"

Now I'll go wash my mouth out with soap! NOT!!!!!!!!!!

Lissete said...

I missed the commotion huh??? I can't believe that people go to people's blogs to criticize them! I've seen that on other blogs and I am always amazed! It's like walking into someone's home and going off on them! Jeez! What turds!

Jessica said...

You crack me up! I love your fiesty attitude. Seriously, the nerve of someone to go to your blog and critizize what you write. LAME! And then to think that what they were so appauled over was the word turd? I mean really, what's the matter with some people. Way to go with telling them off like you did. I love it!

Denise said...

Hi, I'm new to this blog and hope to visit often. I found you via Vicki's blog, A Work in Progress. I take it someone didn't like your language on you blog. For some reason, that cracks me up. And am I correct that the word was 'turd'? That's even funnier. You would think when someone comes to visit, they would mind their manners.
Well, I don't care how you talk, looking at your blog you look like you are a lot of fun. Would you share your Chili recipe? And congrats on winning the jackpot!
Love your LO's and will be more than happy to read on to find the passwords...LOL

kelly said...

Well said, well said!

randilyn said...

OMG!!! You go girl!!! And your response was perfect.... had me ROFL. You have a great sense of humor. Just found your blog via Vicki's so I'm gonna go have a look-see but I think I like you already!! ;-)

Aleah'sMommy said...

ha I love it! I use the word turd all the time!

Melissa said...

This is my first time seeing your blog, and I have to say you are so funny. I am a NC girl myself and totally get your ways. Keep up the great work and I love your work btw.


Melissa said...

This is my first time on your blog, and all I can can say is YOU GO GIRL. You are too funny. Have a great day and love you work. Thanks, Melissa

Camila Julia said...

YOU GO GIRL! I'm a Cuban born fellow TEXAN (figure that one out) and just today found your blog through Vicki (a work in progress) and just about died laughing that someone would be so uptight as to critizise the use of "turd" - anonymously at that! As the saying goes, "you could put a piece of coal up her a** and you'd get a diamond!"

I'm taking a look around, but I already know I like you! By the way, this Texan has been transplanted to Florida, so if you're in our neck of the woods for scuba diving, give me a holler!

RayneScraps Designs said...

You go girl! If they don't like it they don't have to read it simple as that!!!
I enjoy my visit here and appreciate your goodies as well!

To those who don't they can suck toads errrrrr is that turds? LOL

Kim B said...

ROTFLMAO- Ok I said the FULL sh-t word on mine today- OOOOOOPS... but well it's how I speak at home as well-. Loved your STAND GF! And thanks for the pimp on the kit!!