Thursday, July 10, 2008

Checking In

Thought I better check in with ya'll so you wouldn't think I fell off the edge of the earth. I'm about to go absolutely flippin' crazy around here! As if things weren't stressful enough, this stupid podunk town decided to try to pretend to be a big city and went and passed a no smoking ordinance. Now, I have always been a considerate smoker. When I moved into my new office, I had an industrial sized fart fan installed to vent the smoke outside. If I have someone in my office, I don't smoke. But now the city has decided there will be no smoking everywhere, even in the BARS!!! Come on, drinkin' & smokin' just go together! Smokers everywhere need to stand up and demand OUR rights. Even if you are a nonsmoker, you should be concerned about laws such as this being passed. The government is slowly chipping away at our freedom. Okay, I'm climbing down off my soap box now.

I do have a couple of pages in the works, I'm going to try and get home before 7:00 tonight, maybe I can finish up and have a goodie for you tomorrow. Please take note of the Cuss-O-Meter on the top left. One of my faithful readers, "sasa to 6", emailed me a link to this. It checks your blog for cuss words, and evidently Bubbles Babbles is considered clean despite the use of the turd word!

To Jessica: I couldn't email you, there is no address on your blog, but if you will go down a ways to the June Kit, the dolphin is included in the element pack. You can download it and plop him on the page!

Hope everyone has a great day, now I'm going to sneak out the back door and have a smoke! BTW, you have to stand 25 feet away from the door! BS, I say!


Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

Ahhhm!!!!! You said "Flippin" & I know what you REALLY meant! You also said fart, so I'm gunna tell the blogger police! LMAO! I'm not a smoker, but I live with one, and you are right, big brother is slowly taking our rights away. Sad huh?

Suzi said...

I think Texas is getting WAY too many "outsiders" in our state!!! It is absurd! They are taking over way too much of our state. 'Nuff said.

aquascrap said...

Sorry I gotta disagree with in Australia we have had no smoking in offices for years and only just recently in bars and hotels and casinos.
Admittedly the hotels and bars have lost some patronage but it is so much better to walk into a smoke free environment.
The only downside is that the smokers all smoke outside the buildings and shoppiong centres so to get inside you gotta walk through a smoke haze.
BTW I am a reformed smoker.....smoked for 22 years.... gave it up 15 years ago, and I know that a reformed smoker is the worst kind LOL
Just think of all the fresh air you're gonna get by going outside for a fag.....not to mention the wasted minutes of work that's not being done....hehehehe
It's a sign of the times!!!

Susie2shoes said...

Hiha Fag Ash Lil :) Just popped in to say hi and to congratulate you on your colab with Vicki, from AWP. I feel like a bit of a scrapping matchmaker.

Big Hugs

Jody said...

Our city has been smoke free for a few years now. At first there was a lot of ranting and raving and everyone thought business would be down in the bars especially. At first business was down but now it is way up - even the casinos are doing a better business (not that they weren't already do welll).

My husband can even now sit and enjoy a dinner at a restaurant without having to go out and have a smoke! At first he would order his food, go have a smoke, come back eat quickly and be gone for another smoke.

I am an ex smoker - smpked 50+ years and quit almost 2 years ago and do not miss it one bit. I am finding that I run into less and less smokers now which makes it so much easier for me too. DH does not smoke in the house. In the winter he has a heater set up in the garage! LOL