Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Dolphin Foot Push!

Well, I finally finished this page. It took me a while to decide how to lay it out, I don't do very many "action" type pages. Papers and dolphin from my June kit, I just adjusted the colors to be more pool friendly. Password is: drawers This is another one of those pages you can customize to your liking. I think it would make a great pool page. No long ramble today, the story behind this page is in a previous post, and I am just smooth covered up at work. Everybody say it with me..."Damn you, IRS!"

Your gift for today: Link Expired
What do we say?


Rena said...

Love the page Vicki, taking your time on it sure paid off, its perfect in every way...

Thanks for our gift too, I just took some pool photos with my daughter this week, I will be sure and use this one for 'em.

I think you were right in not mentioning too much about the "drawers" on this page,
why I would think an event like that might need its own page all together.......I can see it now, the title across the top reads
"The Great Drawers Incident" >;~}

Aleah'sMommy said...

Thank you for sharing. This is beautiful!

Sharron said...

Thank you for sharing! This is my first visit to your blog and I love the QP. It's perfect for summer pool pics of my nieces & nephews!

Susie2shoes said...

Hiya Vicki

Great scrap page, you look fab in them.

I thought the 'Dolphin Foot Push', sounded a karma sutra'ish, but once I saw the page with the images on I understood what it was all about. My feed via Feedbliz doesn't show photo's see! I don't normally need to be prompted by a feed for your site 'cus I pop in most days without fail.



Anonymous said...

Great layout!!
Thank you so very much for sharing this lovely quick page.

Love the name of your blog - this is my first visit as I just "found" your site this morning.

Lori said...

Gorgeous! I can't wait to create with this. Thank you!

Damn IRS!

Jessica said...

Hey Vicki! I recently swam with dolphins in Cabo San Lucas. Could you email me the or give me a link to this quick page with the dolphins on it? I have some dolphins but I like yours a lot better and they look great with this page. They match it well and I like the way you've laid them out. I'd really appreciate it if you can. Thank you!

Sue said...

WOW, hard to believe you really were pushed by dophins. What a cool experience.

Thanks for sharing your talents.

Dee said...

Thanks for this dolphin page and all the other freebies you share with us!