Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh so sweet...

TGIF!!! Man, I need this long weekend in a bad way! The door is locked, there is a Miller Lite in the koozie and a smoke in the ashtray. AAAHHH!!! I feel better already! Now for a little catching up! Matt the Brat and My Girl Shawna are going away for Matt's birthday (yep, my baby turns 30 on Monday, sigh...), so I am pretty much on my own for this long weekend. I thought about hitting the casino, but it'll probably be VERY crowded, and I don't do crowds very well. Besides, I shouldn't be squandering Disney money. Have I mentioned that we are going to Disney World? With all of the drug violence in Mexico, we had already decided it wasn't the place to take the kiddos this summer. Then came the pork flu mess, so I'm glad we had already changed plans. We will be spending eight days at Disney World, so I know that poor ole Nana is going to need a vacation after the vacation! It should be a lot of fun, Wyatt's birthday is July 1st, and we have booked the birthday package and Character dinner at Chef Mickey for him. He and Lilly will also be hitting the Bibbodi-Bobbodi-Boutique that day. Lilly is scheduled for the full princess deal (how could you guess? LOL!) and Wyatt is getting the Prince treatment. Then...on the 2nd, Wyatt and I are going to Discovery Cove to swim with the dolphins! This is what I'm giving him for his birthday, and he is SOOO excited!
If any of ya'll have any Disney tips, fill me in!
Now, on to today's LO. I created this using Kim Broedelet's fabulous kit Antoinette. While we were at the lake for Mothers Day Bev taught Lilly the 'oh so sweet' pageant move. Not that she is in any pageants (she's too ornery), but it does make for a cute photo!

Ya'll have a super weekend!
Big hugs, Vicki


Vicki said...

Enjoy the long weekend Vicki! Can't wait to see your Disney photos - will have to make a kit specifically!! lol!

Ruth said...

I've never been to Disney. When we went to Florida's space coast my kids were teens & didn't care about Disney anymore. But, any of you with little ones I can not recommend Dollywood In Tn, more Highly. Even my kids, again teens said this would be too cool if we were still little. The water park [Splash Country] is a kids wonderland as are the tree house & water areas of the regular park. And Tn is nowhere near as expensive as Fl. Do yourself a favor & look in to it for next year.

eilajean said...

AND so sweet it is... I love babies in sunglasses!!! Been at the lake - just got back, and I was dismayed to read the above (2up) post... man it just is wrong. Only my regular readers (mostly) leave thank yous for the few QPs I have done. Grab and run... wrong.

Excited and delighted to read the above post ( 1 up)... YOU GO!!!!!!

Hope you partake of some FINE BBQ!