Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Toy Box Kit!

Vicki Parker's new kit at Scrap That Idea is a colorful, fun one called Toy Box. Pick it today for the amazing low price of only $3.00 and scrap some photos of your little ones! Today's LO features my SIL Bev's grandson Ryan. Yes, there will be a QP, check back tomorrow for it. For some reason ever since I plugged in my new Wacom tablet Photoshop is giving me fits. The magic wand and all of the pen and brush tools are acting all wonky. Maybe I should read the manual, no wait...there wasn't one! All it came with was a page that showed how to plug it in. That I could have figured out on my own. By 10:00 last night I was just about ready to chunk the whole mess out into the road and run over it with the truck.

I had a wonderful weekend, I hope ya'll did too. Momma is looking and feeling terrific! On Saturday we limited out on white bass, catching a total of 75. I had a blast, but got a little too much sun, despite having SPF 50 sunscreen on. Matt, Shawna, Wyatt and Lilly came down on Sunday and spent the day. I shot a ton of photos, now I need to work on some pages!
See ya'll tomorrow.
MWAH! Vicki


Vicki said...

Love the LO, but absolutely adoring that smiley taking a photo!! lol!

btmo-pat said...

ah, I had that issue too. check the preferences in photo shop. there should be one for tablet/pen devices.

Denise said...

LO is adorable! I love fish! Eat some for me and chase it down with an ice cold beer!!!!

Glad to here you all had a nice Mother's Day.