Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Momma Update and a Few New Pages

Mom's doctors are doing daily scans and it looks like the obstruction is slowly clearing. She will probably be in the hospital all this week. Daddy is so lonesome, he is working in the yard pruning & clipping to keep busy. If Momma doesn't come home soon, they're not 'gonna have any plants left! LOL!
The first LO was created with "Spring Romance" by Vicki P. The second was done with "Fresh Ideas", a Scrap That Idea collab kit. You can find them both right here.

Big Texas Hug, Vicki


Sasa said...

Great LOs!

Thank you for the update on your Momma. Prayers are still going up from cold, snowy Michigan!

eilajean said...
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Puzzler said...

Glad to hear your mom is improving. Still praying for her.

Nani said...

Beautiful layouts, as usual! You Mom is still in my prayers for strength and recovery for her and good thoughts sent to your family!!

Susie2shoes said...

Oh your poor Dad, he must be so worried. I know how cathartic it is to prune. I was once so stressed after an argument with son I pruned a poor Weigela
'Bristol Ruby',to within 6 inches of it's life. But you know it flowered it's little heart out the following year!

Still keeping you all in my thoughts.

Big Hugs

eilajean said...

shucks - blending is easy - just lower the opacity of the layer you want to blend - then erase (with a softer basic brush) the stuff you don't want... I need to step out of the box more often. I was really excited when Barbara said she was doing a GC kit, cuz we were just there last year...

Hope your Momma is well.