Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let Your Fro Go!

I just had to share this LO that I did for Bunny's March Template Challenge @ DSO. This one really had me going out of my comfort zone! I'm usually a 1-2 photo, junk it up with lots of Stuff scrapper, but when I saw this template I knew it was perfect for these photos! Don't worry though...I still love the Foo-Foo, and I still adhere to my personal philosophy that life is a journey, junk it up! It is good to think out of the box every once in awhile, and I think this LO proves it! Let me know what ya'll think!


Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

I think its "FRO-geous!"

Thanks for doing the challenge ma'am! Im so thankful I wasn't sitting in an empty forum thread twittling my fingers waiting for someone to come play with me!

my word verification word is UNPRIMP! how funny!!!

Sue said...

Very cute series of photos! I like the blended photo in the background. Great LO! :)

eilajean said...

one word - PRICELESS! Love the blending - It is good to step out of your own comfort zone now and then. I am impressed.

Snow in Montana and elk in the yard. Must be spring - LOL

big hugs,


Elaine said...

Awesomne LO, great photos!