Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Easter Dress

Quick post to let ya'll know I haven't forgotten about 'ya, I'm just running around like a chicken with it's head cut off! I have piles of quarterly reports to be done, March 31 was the end of our fiscal year, so I need to be working on wrapping up that, I have had meetings out the wazoo, and on top of everything, Mel has been out for two days with a sick baby.
Last night was the board meeting for the Humane Society, so I didn't get home till late. I think if I could have a few 36 hour days maybe I could get my head above water!
I hope that today I can get home at a decent hour and finish up the April CC Stuff. The only thing I have accomplished scrapwise this week is this LO of Ms. Lilly in her new Easter dress. This is one of the photos I took last weekend. It was perfect for Mel Chynoweth's free Flitter Flutter kit, and this LO is available as a QP if you participate in the Great Exchange at DSO. HERE
It's a terrific challenge, you contribute one QP, and at the end of the month you receive everyone's pages!

Big hugs, Vicki


eilajean said...

Hi Vicki,

I love the photo, and it is perfect in the layout. She is such a beautiful baby girl - and it appears she is taking on a toddler appearance. They grow up so fast.

I know what you mean about a chicken without a head... I made 24 layouts yesterday. (Boy's Wedding) - fortunately I could stick with one theme (CM). The packages have several layouts that have a similar theme - and unlike QP - I can rearrange the layers... or pull in elements for other scrappers.

Today I am working on Disneyland photos... FUN!!!

Have 10 days to finish - do you think I can pull it off?

Have a great day!!!


nancy said...

That precious child is adorable in her new dress. I can't wait to see my great niece got to Have a great weekend and Happy Easter. nancy

TigerBead said...

Lovely!! Thanks bunches!! Have a Blessed Easter!

Cauleen said...

Oh, GREAT Vicki! Another website (DSO) that I'll soon be addicted to. LOL Love that layout of your sweet little grandbaby. How she's growing! Thanks for letting us in on all the fun. Hugs! ---Cauleen