Thursday, February 26, 2009

February Color Challenge Kit

Well, I just barely got it done before the month is over! LOL! It's more of a mini-kit this time, but hey, I've got a lot going on! I am, however, making headway into the mountains of paperwork, although at this point I don't remember what color my desk is.
I have a question for ya'll. I have been reading some awfully scary stuff about 4shared. I haven't had any problems with viruses or trojans, have any of you? I run Norton 2009 with Live Update on at all times, Malwarebytes, Spybot and Ad-aware, but I have read that there are some nasties that can get by everything. I would be interested in your take on all of this, as my longtime readers know, I have searched for an alternative to 4shared in the past, but really couldn't come up with a solution that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. Let me know what ya'll think.
Back to the kit...I split the papers into two downloads, 'cause it was a 50mb folder. Drop shadows are for preview only, EXCEPT for the clustered frame. Password is: feb09 I put in two versions of it, one with a full shadow and the other only has shadow where the cluster is on the frame. Am I making sense? This way it doesn't look flat, but you can still add your own shadow to the frame without it looking too dark.

Todays gifts: expired
Remember your manners!
Big hugs, Vicki


eilajean said...

Hi Vicki,

1)Love the kit, thanks for sharing. (that is the most important piece of business I have to tend to).

2) you have been tagged. I have spared you the work of awards etc, cuz I know what a busy lady you are... but today is the day - and this one is a little more fun. take your time in completing this task "grasshopper" LOL. Besides, I have 2 awards I have to pass out and the peeps I would give them to already have them... so this should not be too touch for a social butterfly like yourself!

3) I have concerns about the zipped files more so than the site 4shared. One thing I have noticed since encountering this little society is that so many of the "big designers" have been hit with some pretty evil bugs. I have no idea if it is related to scraps... but there have been a few times when I will be snagging something and I will get a warning... I backed up everything and made a consious decision to limit what I will use - you, Vicki AWP, Just Passing Though, Crops, and Mel. That is it. And I scan my download folder before unzipping. Who knows.. I don't think it is 4 shared as much as some of the sites with free scraps.

Um, so I think that is everything - snowing in Montana... and for the record, 50 to 60 temp swings are pretty common in Montana in the Spring and Fall.



?code word "OUTIE" ROTFLMAO!!!!

Cherie said...

Thanks for the freebie! Love the colors!

Sue said...

Lovely mini-kit! I especially like your elements like the lace, the small textured flowers and the bunch of wild grasses. Your textured papers are fun, too. Thank you very much! :)

Vicki said...

This is gorgeous Vicki - you did a great job!

re 4shared - I am trying to figure an alternative too. I am lucky because I use a Mac, but I know most of my blog followers don't....

Hugs xxx

Puzzler said...

This is really very lovely. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,

Great kit! Thank you! As for 4 shared, I'm pretty much not worried about viruses. I am covered real well, and I don't tend to download everything I see. I did that for a while, then I noticed that I only tend to use the stuff from a few folks. I just found you, through this challenge! I'm new to making stuff.

Like the "other Vicki", I use a Mac for most of my stuff, so I don't worry about viruses so much, BUT, I do work in a dual platform world, and I have two Windows PC's. Do you know about the free software available from Comodo? They make some great software for PC users, free for personal use forever, and rated highly by the tech community. Grisoft also makes a free version of their AV software which you can download.

I use a paid Rapidshare account. Yes, it costs, but I have no worries about popups, ads, or other stuff that shouldn't be there. It doesn't cost much, either, and if you have a lot of downloads from your site, you may find that the activity will give you enough "points" to have the account earn free months without having to pay additional fees. The guys who run Rapidshare are vigilant about clean files, and will also delete any files that are reported as infected or illegal. I like that.

I've got a blog, finally, (must be the last person in the universe to do it!), on Wordpress, so I need to make it pretty. Right now, it looks awful... yours is cute!

Sasa said...

Hey Vicki!

Love the kit - especially the lime green and turquoise combo!

I guess I have been very lucky with 4shared in that I have not picked up any viruses. I usually download while I am at work though, so there is pretty tight security as far as viruses and other "nasties." Also, like some of the other people here, I am pretty careful about who I download from; I would have to agree that it is probably not so much a problem with 4shared as it is with what people are posting.

I know that whatever you decide will be good, both for you and for us!

Give your Momma my love. Take care and GB!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Kit(s) post on Feb. 26, 2009. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. love the colors!

Mrs E of Scrappy Freebies

Tierra Lowry said...

Thank You so much. It is such a cute little kit. I love the colors

Denise said...

Great colors. Thank you so much! The Lilly LO is adorable.

Andrea said...

Your kit is SO PRETTY!!! Love the fresh greens!! Lovely flowers!!

catlady aka catslave said...

Thank you, Vicki. Your kit is so pretty!
I run McAfee and never have any problems. Some people run 2 or more anti-virus programs and they interfere with one another and cause problems.
The warnings are usually fake, sneaky advertising.

mmikes said...

This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great kit... better late than never, so no worries here!

Haven't had an trouble with 4shared personally. When I download something it is scanned immediately.

Pat said...

Hi Vicki, hope your Mom is continuing to do well!

As for 4-Shared, I use it all the time and haven't had an issue. . . (knocking on wood as I speak)! I did take advantage of their half off life time speedier access thinging, (that tech talk - Ha!)at Christmas time. Don't really know if that makes it safer or not, but it sure hurries up the DL'g! Thanks for all you contribute to the digi-scrapping world!

Susie2shoes said...

Great kit Vicki you are a star for all that you give.

I to like you run the Corporate edition of Norton and enable 'realtime protection'. I also use Spybot and Adaware. I only download from half a dozen trusted places and I've never had a problem with 4Shared.

My trusty IMB Thinkpad has never had a problem, but I did get infected shortly after I bought my tower in the summer. My fault entirely as I foolishly downloaded a EXE file from an unknown site. (How I wanted that plugin.) I wrecked my new 'pute and had to practically rebuild the bloomin' thing. NEVER AGAIN.

What have you read about 4Shared?could you point me to a link so I could read up on it pretty please?

Have a fab weekend

Kim B said...

Hey girlfriend- WOOHOOOOOO- it's AWESOME and great job on the clusters!!
Thanks a ton for sharing it with us too!

2.- you have been tagged on my blog too- not that I do then often either- but this one was fun-lol

3.- it's not so much the downloads on 4shared but the *banner ads and pop up ads* that rotate on 4shared- seems to hit people when they click the download button.
I also run Norton 2009 with updates going all day ;-)
I have the others you mentioned too- but only run them separately as was told never to run two virus programs at the same time as the one interferes with the other.
Just don't click on anything that looks *funny*-lol
sheee's like that made sense- hahaha

TerriK said...

Thanks for sharing!!

Tiffany said...

Just lovely, thanks so much!!!!