Friday, October 8, 2010

Check Out My Guy!

This one has been in the works for a while, I wanted to make a kit to help ya'll scrap some guy pages, as it seems that there is a serious lack of that in digiland. What I ended up with is not really a manly man kit, (ie: tools, cars, etc...) but one that I think looks great for scrapping your guy pics, but can also be used for fall photos and such. The Plain Digital Wrapper CT have been giving it a whirl, and it seems to be working, lol. I call it "My Guy" and it's on sale now for $4.50.
It contains 17 textured papers and over 50 ellies for your scrapping pleasure.

The hilarious LO of Kim's husband (yep, that's all him) garnered not only GSO, but LOTW at Plain Digital Wrapper! Way to go, Kim!
Let me know what you think, 'ya never know, I have been known to give out free kits ;)


fl_connie said...

Love the kit! Bought the kit, lol! The "stuff" won me over - great, wonderful, versatile stuff!

Penny S said...

You always do good work, will be checking out your store.

Margaret said...

Love the kit - just off to get it - the layouts are great

Best Kept Memories said...

I love this kit! I don't have a manly man yet, but he's work on it! He's 14. Love the colors as Fall is my favorite season! This looks great and the layouts do it well! :)