Saturday, June 12, 2010

At Long Last...

To all of my poor neglected readers, I apologize for going MIA. My life is pretty much a train wreck right now... work is absolutely crazy (as usual), Mr. MoJo has taken a hike, the relaxing vacation turned out to be not so relaxing, and get the idea. More details to come later. I did take the time to play with some new styles from the fabulous Jodiann. This gal is amazing, she just keeps coming up with such super cool stuff! I used the Bold Summer Chalkies and the Halftone Styles for today's little gifty.

Mwah!!! Vicki


Sue said...

Very cute freebie! Thank you! :)

Jodiann said...


Fabulous Gifty! Thanks Vicki Honey! I love all the bits, but the frame with its subtle little halftones all around and the GREEN paper especially caught my eye! Weeee! Mwah!

About your will have to tell us why it wasn't spectacular.

Take your time, we'll wait! * smile *


Margaret said...

Thanks so much for this cutey - Hugs - Maggy