Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Colors????

Okay, I'm 'gonna post these and see if we have any suggestions. Personally, I am stumped. This one I can probably freestyle, but the one from PDW is a whole 'nother ball of wax. HELP!!!!
Help me Rhonda!


Simona said...

Ehi there Vicki!
I love Kim's palette, I'd be forever grateful if you'll make them into a man kit of whatever kind! It's always so hard to have kits for my loved one.
The other palette either reminds me of Valentine's stuff (which I have plenty of at this time) or of snow (and I have had enough snow for this year, I want spring back!).
Sending you some love from cold Italy!

Sue said...

Here are some random thoughts on the DSO colors:
-sailing/sea kit with blues and browns;
-guys' kit with fabric/grungy/fabric-textured papers - plaid, striped, ropes, chains, strings, chicken wire or chain link fences, cardboard, more "tough" elements and papers
You always do a great job on your kits!

Thank you also for the kind comments on the DSO site! :)