Thursday, September 3, 2009

WooHoo!!! Let The Grabbing Begin!

Scrounge under the couch cushions for change, raid the piggy bank, just do whatever it takes to come up with a little cash to spend on your stash. You'll be glad you did, I promise! The 2nd Annual DSO PU Grab Bag Week is under way, and will run through next Friday. All bags are just $3.00 each!!! I will be posting more LO's all next week, so you can get an idea of what's included in the bags, and let me tell ya'll, there are some serious bargains to be had. And before I embark on this monster post, I'm 'gonna let ya'll in on another little surprise. I will be picking a random person from the comments on this post to receive a gift certificate to DSO! Yep, the serious lack of comments has resulted in something I never thought I would resort to, bribery for lovin'. All of the bag previews are linked to make your shopping easy peasy!



Sasa said...

WOO HOO!!!! What GREAT layouts! You really do have a beautiful, photogenic family!!!!

Those pics of David and Natalie are just adorable!!

And of course, you know I think that Shawna is absolutely gorgeous!!!

The LO "The Search" is breathtaking and Miss Lillian is so cute!

The pic and LO of your Papaw just makes me smile!!!

Have a great weekend!!

LY & GB!!

Elaine said...

You have been busy, Awesome LO's. Already picked up 2 of the grab bags but after seeing your LO's may have to go back for more. Have a great weekend.

Ms Kittie said...

The pics of David and Natalie is so sweet. Natalie will truely love it when she grows up. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle's Angels said...

Awe..Lillian is sooo cute Hun! Love the LOs...don't worry bout the comments..I feel the same way sometimes! I luv ur blog, but been so busy opening my 2nd store, just haven't had time to stop by! Don't stress! Keep doing what u do best!